Today in the city New Brockton 24.09.2018

"Autonomy," The New Backstory Book About Driverless, Will Convince Many Skeptics

A new book from a former General Motors research head probes the unfolding technology of driverless vehicles and some of the personalities behind its development.

U.S. court says North Carolina gerrymander is illegal, seeks new congressional map

A federal court ruled on Monday that North Carolina Republicans illegally drew up U.S. congressional districts in the state to benefit their party, suggesting that new lines be crafted before November...

Judges say N.C. congressional districts unconstitutionally gerrymandered to help GOP; new districts may be required before November

A panel of three federal judges held Monday that North Carolina’s congressional districts were unconstitutionally gerrymandered to aid Republicans over Democrats, and said it may require new districts...

How Best Buy, The New York Times, And John Deere Have Become Digital Leaders

Harvard Business School professor Sunil Gupta has written a new book, Driving Digital Strategy: A Guide to Reimagining Your Business. In it, he details the methods used by companies in many industries...

Insight Selling Is The New Solution Selling

While traditional solution selling is still dead, the changing B2B landscape has given rise to a new best-in-breed sales methodology: insight selling. Although insight selling is not new, it's become...

New Hampshire police offer funny advice after seizing 25 marijuana plants

Police in Marlborough, New Hampshire, posted photos from a recent marijuana seizure on Facebook Wednesday, where they also shared a message about growing marijuana plants.

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